Advantages and Disadvantages of External Storage Devices

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The Advantages of External Storage Devices

The pros of using external devices as a storage solution far outweigh its cons. One obvious advantage of this kind of storage device is its portability being a separate device from your PCs. So, you can use it anywhere you are without the need to bring your desktop PCs with you. You can access the data contained in it through plug and play connectivity feature to your laptops and portable netbooks. External hard drives communicate to your machines, be it laptop or desktop through USB and Firewire. These interfaces provide for a high-speed connectivity feature.

Another advantage of external storage devices is the fact that it is not always connected to your machines all the time. You connect it to your machines only when needed. This lessens the threat of corrupting your data when computer viruses coming from the Internet, attacks your PCs.

The Disadvantages of External Storage Devices

Like we said, the disadvantages of external storage devices are outweighed by its advantages. In fact, if we are to compare external vs. internal storage devices – the only disadvantage of external storage devices that I can think of is its price. External storage devices are more expensive than their internal storage counterpart. That is due to the additional cost of durable and protective housing that you have to use to enclose the main storage device. Aside from investing in cases, you must also think of software to use in organizing and managing your data in external storage devices. Although some of these devices can be connected to your PC through USB 2.0 ports, enabling you to drag and drop files – searching and viewing its internal directory would require special software though.

And don’t even think about the issue on data security in case somebody gets hold of your external storage devices. Most of the advanced models of this storage device are already equipped with data encryption which only can understand and decipher. In addition, there some external storage devices which now feature fingerprint technology.