The Four Best iPad Name Jokes

The Four Best iPad Name Jokes
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You Called it What?

It’s a testament to Apple’s marekting genius that the Apple tablet has been an incredible success. I mean, come on. iPad? Really? That’s the name chosen for an expensive piece of high-end equipment?

Although the comedy has died down lately, there were plenty of jokes made at Apple’s expense when the tablet was released. Below are some of the best. Beware! As you might expect, this content is not strictly safe for work, or the eyes of those easily offended.

Mad TV Skit

Remember Mad TV? No, frankly, neither did I. But they actually did make an iPad sketch, years before Apple made the actual product, and it’s one of the most hilarious jokes to hit the net. The one minute, thirty second long bit features some ribald dialogue before twisting Apple’s iPod commercials (you know - the ones with the dancing silhouettes and white iPods) in an indelicate way.

Hitler Gets Angry

Ohhhhhh boy. If you pay much attention to Internet memes you probably have already heard about the old Hitler YouTube gag. This takes an infamous clip from the movie Downfall, which covers the final days of the Third Reich and Hitler’s reign, and puts in subtitles that are approriate to whatever someone wants to make fun of. Since the clip is in German, it’s an easy joke to pull off (well, unless you speak German).

This bit may have ran its course, but the iPad-bashing version of it is hilarious. It bashes not only the name, but also the hardware specitications. Haters can laugh and agree, and fans can laugh at the fact Apple had made its device incredibly popular despite Hitler’s complaints.

Send in the Clones: Parody Ads

Apple’s slick marekting style is great, but also great to make fun of. It’s not often, after all, that you’ll see an Apple ad that doesn’t take itself seriously - and whatever takes itself seriously is sure to be made fun of in short order.

Such is the case with this Apple iPad Parody commercial. $500 picture frame? Why, that’s simply a bargain! This commerical doesn’t poke as much fun at the name (which was getting a little old), but instead at the product and the high degree of reverence some consumers hold for it and the company. Apple fans might want to avoid it unless you don’t mind a little rage in your day.

A Thousand Funny Images

Most of the best skits are on YouTube, which isn’t much of a surprise. However, you can still find a lot of funny releated images online. Although there are some sites that specifically host collections of funny images, the best way to find the motherload is to simply do a google image search for “ipad jokes.” Enjoy!


Is this all rather juvenile? Well yea, it is. But come on. Apple had to know that it was opening itself up to some jokes when it named its tablet the iPad. At least I hope they knew it - otherwise, I’d have to wonder if Cupertino has outlawed humor.


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