Buy Kid-Friendly Computer Hardware for Children for this Holiday Season.

Buy Kid-Friendly Computer Hardware for Children for this Holiday Season.
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Kid-Friendly Computer Hardware

Kids nowadays are learning things faster than in the past. And, computers are no different. But, how do you introduce your little one to this technology without damaging your $1,000 workstation? Well, luckily there are several pieces of computer hardware out there that are geared specifically for your children. And, they would be great to be under the Christmas tree this year.

First of all, it may be best to get them their own computer. Since they won’t need a lot of memory and horsepower, it may be best to buy a cheap Dell or something rather inexpensive from a big box store. This way, if they do damage the CPU, you won’t have paid a lot in the first place.

If you’re looking for peripherals for your little one, you do have some options. The mouse from Little Tikes is quite cute and perfect for little hands. It is durable and very inexpensive. Crayola has also come out with a colorful keyboard for your little ones. The keys are color-coordinated for ease of use. This keyboard is recommended for children ages three and up.

But, if you’re looking for something more substantial, Little Tikes in conjunction with IBM has come out with its Young Explorer series. At over $2,600, it’s not cheap, but it comes with a computer that is protected from damage, a seat for the kids to sit on and a desk area.

The system is jam packed with everything from Microsoft XP to a 40 gig hard drive and 256MB Ram. The downside of this is obviously the price, and the fact that it is only recommended for kids three to seven years old. It’s a rather short time for such a hefty price tag.

As for software, you have many options from which to choose, including Trudy’s Time and Place and Sponge Bob Square Pants Typing 2008. These will help your children with computer literacy and will make a great present for this holiday season.

But on a final note, you need to remember to always safeguard what your children see on the Internet and where they go. Password protecting the Internet and keeping their computer use to a regulated amount a day should help with this issue.