Transferring E-Books from Sony Book Reader to iPad with Calibre and Txtr

Transferring E-Books from Sony Book Reader to iPad with Calibre and Txtr
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In this simple step by step guide to transferring e-books from the Sony book reader to iPad based readers we will show you two ways to get your books transferred and where to get the free formatting programs that will make it possible. The first section will deal with the txtr program initially developed for the iPhone while the second will focus on the Calibre program. With the recent change in Sony practices some of these techniques will soon be obsolete as books will be able to be downloaded in the e-pub format which is readily transferred between e-readers.

Transferring E-Books From Sony Book Reader to iPad With txtr

Txtr is an application that can be downloaded to your computer and put on your iPad. Txtr was originally an app for the iPhone but will work on the iPad when you use the 2X zoom.

Step One – Download the txtr app to your iPad.

Step Two - Log into txtr with your Adobe ID . To find your ID check in the Sony e-book library in your computer. It is often your email address and password.

Step Three – Upload your library to the iPad through the txtr interface.

Txtr can be found in the iTunes store and is available free of charge.

Transferring E-Books from Sony Book Reader to iPad With Calibre*

When the Sony bookstore first started releasing books to the public they came in the LRX file format. This particular format used to be the format of choice for Sony books but they have since gone with the e-pub format. Any books that you had previously bought from the Sony bookstore in the LRX format can be redownloaded for free in the e-pub format. If you would rather transfer the book in LRX format you can follow the steps below otherwise you can do a straight transfer as books in e-pub format can be decoded by your iPad.

To use Calibre follow these steps:

  • Open the Calibre program and choose a destination folder for your e-book files.
  • Next choose the brand of reader you will be using, in this case Apple.
  • Next choose iPad from the Apple list.
  • Now click on Add Books in the upper left corner of the Calibre program.
  • Choose all of your e-pub formatted books from the Sony library.
  • You will now see a screen that allows you to edit the meta data for the book. Change anything that didn’t transfer correctly.

You can find the Calibre software at the Calibre ebook site. It offers versions that run on Windows, OS X and Linux so everyone should be able to use it.

*Calibre has recently added a few tips and tricks to its users manual concerning the newest Sony reader that should help you with any other problems you may be having with transferring ebooks from the Sony book reader to an iPad.


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