Learn about the iKit iPad Leather Folio Case

Learn about the iKit iPad Leather Folio Case
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Introducing the iKit iPad Leather Folio Case

The iKit iPad leather folio case is just one of a seemingly endless variety of iPad cases that promise to make carrying an iPad around

stylish and easy. As you probably know, some products are better than others and this is one of those products that seems to be on the lower end of the quality scale. That may not be the only problem buyers of this case could have.

The iKit company

Although iKit appears to be a legitimate company, it does not seem to have a very good reputation for customer service. The company has a Santa Monica, CA office and a single U.S. retailer, but customers may have difficulty getting service unless they happen to live in the area. iKit is the only distributor listed on the site, giving a San Jose address which might be the company’s warehouse.

The address of iKit is posted on their Web site, but the company says that it is neither for correspondence nor returns. Instead, customers are directed to contact customer support. iKit does not list a support phone number on its site and the only way to contact the company appears to be a Web form that may or may not be monitored. Two emails listed on the iKit (one for inquiries and the other for public relations) can be tried, but those addresses do not seem appropriate for support issues.

iKit’s sole North American retailer is My Gear Store, a company that sells iPad cases, covers, screen protectors and related products from a variety of manufacturers. Don’t bother going there to purchase an iKit iPad leather folio case because the don’t have any. That leads us to another problem.

The folio case seems to ship directly from China, so buyers should keep in mind that returns could end up being a hassle.

The leather iPad folio case from iKitTitle

The final problem that readers need to understand is that this leather folio case seems to have been discontinued. The URL for the product redirects to the iKit home page and inquiries concerning the status of the product have gone unanswered. The only place that seems to have this iPad case for sale is a seller on Amazon.com called “The Closeout Masters.” At the time of this writing, that seller reports having the folio case in stock. The product sells there for $18.65, a significant discount from its original selling price of $39.95.

Other online sellers with this case for sale include SurplusComputers.com and GearXS.com which sell the product for $17.99 and $9.99 respectively. Beware, however, because these outlets may not inspire consumer confidence.

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About the iKit iPad Leather Folio Case

The iKit iPad leather folio case is a smart looking genuine leather iPad case designed to protect iPads from typical daily hazards while providing for a stylish way to transport them. While mounted inside the case, all the connections and features of the iPad are fully accessible. Additionally, the case folds back to form a stand that provides a more comfortable work angle for those who wish to use the iPad for hands-free typing.

The top cover of the folio case has a metallic lip emblazoned with the iKit logo. Depending on your perspective, you might think that the strip is stylish or tacky. Either way, feedback from some owners of the case say that their case arrived with the metallic strip scuffed. The bottom line is that the strip is very malleable and is easily scratched.

An integrated screen protector takes care of the iPad touchscreen while the case is open.

Mounting the iPad inside the iPad case is fairly easy because it slides into a sleeve-like compartment. The only problem with the sleeve mounting is that there is nothing but friction to hold the iPad in, so when the case is folded back into the work-angle stand, the iPad tends to slip out of it.

To learn more about the iKit shoppers are encouraged to view an “unboxing” video on YouTube that shows the case being unpacked and displayed.


The iKit iPad leather folio case is a nice looking case, but service, quality and availability issues seem to suggest that buyers may wish to consider an alternate iPad case. There are plenty out there to choose, so you don’t have to buy from surplus stores.


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