Flat Split-Key Ergonomic Keyboards

Flat Split-Key Ergonomic Keyboards
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Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 (5 out of 5)

This keyboard by Microsoft has the standard 104 key layout, and the main type pad is spilt by a built in zoom feature that allows users to quickly and accurately zoom in on a certain area on the screen. It also possesses customizable hot keys that can be used to do anything from opening a file to starting up an application, and are easily changed.

Designed with comfort in mind, it has a built in palm rest for added support while typing, as well as lockable F keys so that annoying accidental keystrokes won’t affect whatever function the computer is currently performing. The number pad has been changed to contain a few commonly used keys, including backspace, directly above it. It connects via USB, and does not possess wireless capabilities.

This keyboard sells for $59.95 USD directly from Microsoft’s website, which is fairly expensive for a wired keyboard, but this keyboard is extremely high quality and will last a very long while, on top of being specially designed for comfortable typing.

Image Source: microsoft.com

Adesso Flat Split-Key Ergonomic Media Office Pro Keyboard (3 out of 5)

Adesso Flat Split-Key Ergonomic Media Office Pro Keyboard

The Adesso Flat Split-Key Ergonomic Media Office Pro keyboard is designed to move the arms away from the chest and reduce pain and stress on the body while typing with a split-key design. In design, it is fairly bland, coming in a beige color and looking very outdated compared to other split-key keyboards. Also, it connects to computers via a PS2 cable, not a USB, and as such may not work on every computer.

However, it contains 34 hot keys, of which 12 are customizable and can open documents or applications of your choice, the rest opening e-mail or Internet applications for easy one touch access. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only real good thing about this keyboard. It is no longer available from Adesso’s website, and finding this keyboard from a third party retailer wouldn’t guarantee the quality of the product. However, if a basic keyboard with no real frills and a PS2 plug is what you need, this will fit your needs very well.

Image Source: alatest.com

Belkin Ergoboard Split Key Ergonomic Keyboard (4 out of 5)

Belkin Ergoboard Split Key Ergonomic Keyboard

The Belkin Ergoboard Split Key Ergonomic Keyboard is, first and foremost, very odd in design. It looks rather blocky, and quite unlike other keyboards, with a split space bar and a long, oddly shaped palm rest. Like the Adesso model, it only works with a PS2 plug, which is a major con for computers who do not have or are already using a PS2 plug.

It is designed with the standard 104 key layout, and is exactly the same as a normal keyboard, except the main type pad is tilted to fit the natural positioning of a typist’s arms. Boasting a 15 million keystroke lifespan, this keyboard is more than durable enough for either home or business use.

Lastly, the Belkin Ergoboard Split Key Ergonomic Keyboard is built with QuietType Membrane, which is designed to make each keystroke easier and typing in general more comfortable and efficient. This keyboard is still available, though not sold directly from Belkin’s website. It sells for roughly $35.95 USD, making it moderately expensive for a wired keyboard, but it is still a solid option for a split-key ergonomic keyboard.

Image Source: newegg.com

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