The Best Unofficial iPad Instructions

The Best Unofficial iPad Instructions
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While there are hundreds of things that aren’t in the official Apple iPad instruction book there are only a relative few that actually help users become more productive. These unofficial iPad instructions are meant to do just that – make your experience with the iPad faster and easier.

What to do When Your iPad Freezes

There is nothing more frustrating than getting halfway through a task and having your iPad freeze. The iPad instructions don’t give you information on the soft reset which is the quickest way to reboot your iPad. Simply hold the home button and the power button at the same time. If it is just a program that has frozen (not the white screen) then you can hold the home button for a few seconds to end that program and return to the main screen.

Text Editing Tips

When you need to copy and paste from a file on your iPad it’s rather simple to grab one word by double tapping it, but what if you need an entire paragraph? Instead of having to pull the blue knobs there is a quicker (and less aggravating) approach. Simply tap four times on the same point in the paragraph and the whole paragraph will be highlighted.

Double tap the shift key to enter CAPS mode. This will allow you to write full words and acronyms without having to hold the shift and key button over and over again.

Can’t find the apostrophe key on the virtual keyboard? It’s hidden under the exclamation point. Hold the “!” key for a second and a pop-up will show you the apostrophe key. Of course there are multiple special character keys that can be accessed this way like the tilde for the Spanish n and the accented vowels. Try holding any of these keys down for a moment to access the alternative characters.

Double tapping the space bar with insert a period in you text. This is extremely helpful when writing a longer message. Having to shift to place a period each time can get tedious.

Web Tricks

The latest OS update now allows multiple windows to be open simultaneously. Take advantage of this in the Safari browser by holding down the link instead of clicking on it. By holding it down you’ll get a pop up screen that allows you to open the new page without closing the old one. Think tab browsing without the tabs.

If you need to return to the top of a webpage quickly all you need to do is tap on the title bar.

Using the Spotlight System

A quick right flick on the main screen of your iPad puts it in spotlight mode. In this mode you can access all of your files. They are arranged by type and within type in alphabetical order. This saves countless taps trying to get to a specific song or contact through the apps themselves.

iPad Instructions for Pictures

One of the best features of the iPad is the ability to grab and spin photos from the main photo screen. Press two fingers on the photo and you can orient it in any way you wish.

Taking a screenshot is simple as well. Just hold the power and home button for half a second and the screen image will be saved. Be careful though, if you hold it for too long the system will do a soft reboot.

Other Useful Tricks

Quick Mute is one of those options that couldn’t have come along fast enough. To immediately shut off the volume to your iPad hold the volume button for two seconds. Wahlah – silence.

In any situation shaking the iPad will undo the last action. Think etch-a-sketch meets high tech erasers. Undelete an email or fix a typing error with a flick of the wrist.

These are not the only hidden features on the iPad but they are the most productive. The iPad instructions here are meant to help you become a more proficient user a not to overwhelm you with things that you’ll never use. If you have a tip or trick that you think deserves to be on this list drop a line in the comments section.


Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/FHKE