HP 6730 Keyboard Protector Review

HP 6730 Keyboard Protector Review
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HP 6730 Keyboard Protector (4 out of 5)

The HP 6730 keyboard protector is a keyboard protector that is designed to fit both HP 6730B and HP 6735B laptop keyboards, and protect them from various spills, moisture, and other things that could damage the computer. The protector is designed with workplaces in mind, such as hospitals and medical centers, and as such is more than adequate in protecting from spills and moisture.

The protector is designed so that it does not interfere with typing and data entry on the laptop it is used on, and can easily be put over or removed from the keyboard without damaging the laptop. It does not move around while typing. It is custom molded to the 6730B and 6735B laptop models. However, because it is designed with these two models specifically, it will not fit on to other laptops. It is attached with adhesive strips found on the underside of the protector, and is easily cleaned with everyday household cleaners or disinfectants.

Lastly, the protector is 100% latex free and made from non-toxic materials so it is perfectly safe to type with, even with sensitive skin. This laptop keyboard protector is perfect for both business and home use for keeping contaminants off the computer and protecting the keyboard and computer itself from other hazards. The HP 6730 keyboard protector sells for roughly $15.00 USD from various authorized resellers online, as the protector is no longer available for purchase directly from the HP website itself, and does not seem to be in production any longer.

Pros and Cons


  • Fits perfectly on to both the HP 6730B and 6735B laptop models.
  • Easily attached to the laptop keyboard, without damaging the computer itself.
  • Can be cleaned with everyday cleaners.
  • Latex free.
  • Made with non-toxic materials.
  • Ideal for both workplace and home use.
  • Inexpensive and high quality protection.


  • Fits only HP 6730B and 6735B laptop models.
  • Is not sold directly from HP, and resellers could be unreliable.

While it may at first seem that the pros far outweigh the cons, keep in mind that this keyboard is customized for only two specific laptops. This means that the vast majority of laptop users will not be able to use this keyboard protector because it simply does not fit onto their computer. Additionally, since it is not sold directly from the company that manufactures the product, quality and delivery may be questionable. However, if you need a keyboard protector for either a HP 6730B or 6735B laptop, this keyboard protector is more than adequate for any and all needs, be it at work or play.

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