Tricks Not in the iPad User Manual

Tricks Not in the iPad User Manual
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The Apple iPad tablet is a device that you can use for a majority of tasks including watching movies, surfing the Internet, viewing pictures or listening to music. The iPad user manual is a lengthy booklet explaining the basic operations and uses of the iPad but there are tips, hints and tricks that are not identified in the manual.

Battery Life

You may not always have access to an outlet or computer to charge your iPad, so you will want to maximize your battery life as much as possible. Keep the device out of the sun, such as sitting on a dash of your car or the table outside. Keep the brightness turned down around 30%, unless you need it brighter. If you don’t need to use the Internet, turn airplane mode on so your iPad isn’t constantly searching for a wireless signal. Also turn off location services or bluetooth.

Lock Screen


When you upgrade to iOS 4 on your iPad, the user manual doesn’t explain the differences from one to another. Press the “home” button twice and slide your finger to the right at the bottom of the screen. Press the lock button that appears on the lower left hand part of your screen. Put it in landscape mode before you lock the screen if you want it locked in that direction instead.

Force Restart

The iPad user manual does not explain how to force your device to reboot if it freezes up or slows down. Hold down the “sleep” button at the top of your iPad and wait until the red slider appears, then let go of the button. The application will force quit if you hold down the “home” button. If you can’t get the application to quit itself, you may need to restart your iPad completely. Hold down the “sleep” button until the red slider appears and slide the red slider. Continue to hold down the “sleep” button until your iPad reboots. You can force it to reboot if you are stuck completely by holding down the “sleep” and “home” buttons at the same time.



The newest version of iOS released by Apple allows you to multi-task and switch between open applications as you need. Double click the “home” button to make the list of your running apps appear. Tap the application you want to switch to. If you are running too many applications to display, swipe your finger across the bar to display the rest of the apps. Touch the application you want to switch to at any time.

Clear cache, history and cookies in Safari

Clean the cache, history and cookies through Safari to de-clutter the browser, which is not mentioned in the iPad user manual. Select “settings” on the iPad home screen and select Safari. Tap one of the three buttons to clear the cache, cookies or history. Click “clear” to confirm your decision.



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