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Logisys Illuminated Keyboard
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Logisys Illuminated Keyboard

Logisys manufactures two keyboards, a multimedia model and an illuminated model. While there are some small differences between the two, the illuminated keyboard has the exact same features as the multimedia keyboard, with the exception of the illumination. The multimedia keyboard sells for $14.00, which is almost half the price of the illuminated keyboard, that sells for $25.00, and is a great alternative if the illuminated model is too expensive, or you just don’t want a lit up keyboard.

The illuminated keyboard consists of the standard 104 key US layout, and has soft touch keys. Soft touch keys are simply keys that do not require a lot of effort to type with, and are very convenient for fast typing, as they aren’t hard on fingers. The keyboard is designed with simplicity in mind, with hot keys for Internet and multimedia use. In order to make typing easier, the BACKSPACE and ENTER keys have been enlarged to twice their normal sizes. Since these two keys are two of the most used keys on a keyboard, their larger size makes typing much more efficient.

Other Features of the Logisys Illuminated Keyboard

The keyboard also features a large palm rest on the bottom for comfort while typing. The keyboard only comes in black, but lights up in either blue or red. The illumination brightness is controlled through a knob found on the palm rest, and is turned on and off through a button found above the number pad. It is very slim and elegantly designed, which could mean that it slides around too much when typing because it’s not heavy enough. However, there are many thin keyboards that are properly weighted so that they don’t slip when typing, and this problem can always be fixed by placing mouse pads or another easily gripped surface underneath it.

The keyboard plugs into the computer through PS2 or USB ports, and has a 7 foot cord that is extremely handy for large desks, but could also take up a lot of space and get tangled if there are too many nearby wires. The keyboard operates on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and NT, according to their website, but because it operates on a USB plug as well, it is very likely to function with Macintosh computers too.

Unfortunately, the keyboard is not available to be purchased directly from the Logisys website, and has to be purchased from third party websites. Because of this, there isn’t a set price that the keyboard sells for, on average it sells for around $25.00 USD from most retailers. A complete list of retailers that stock Logisys products can be found here:

Logisys Retailers


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