Logisys Keyboard Models

Logisys Keyboard Models
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Illuminated Keyboard (4 out of 5)

Logisys manufactures a very popular keyboard that lights up the characters, making it ideal for typing late into the night. The keys can be lit up in either blue or red, and are controlled by an illumination button built right in to the keyboard. This keyboard features the standard 104 keys necessary for typing, with enlarged ENTER and BACKSPACE keys for convenience while typing. It also includes extra hot keys for multimedia and Internet use, located on both the left and right sides of the keyboard. The keyboard itself is slim in design, and features soft touch keys. It has a built in palm rest for use while typing, and can be plugged into a computer through either a PS2 plug or a USB plug, and features an extra long 7 foot cord. This keyboard sells for roughly $25, depending on the retailer, as Logisys does not sell direct from their website.


  • Enlarged ENTER and BACKSPACE keys.
  • Palm rest for added comfort.
  • 7 foot cord.
  • USB and PS2 inputs.
  • Soft touch keys.
  • Lights built into the keys.


  • $25 for an above average computer with lights.
  • Has the same features as the cheaper multimedia keboard.
  • Long cord could clog up crowded desktops.
  • Can’t be bought directly from the manufacturer.

Multimedia Keyboard (4 out of 5)

The multimedia keyboard offered by Logisys is actually the same as their illuminated model, but without the lights and at a lower cost. It sells for around $14, again, depending on the retailer as it can’t be bought directly from Logisys. It features the standard 104 keys for a desktop keyboard, and has Internet and multimedia hot keys located on the left and right sides of the keyboard. Like the illuminated keyboard, it has a palm rest near the volume control, and contains enlarged ENTER and BACKSPACE keys for added convenience. It is designed in glossy black and matte black paint, and looks very sleek and thin. The keys are soft touch, so that hitting the keys doesn’t take too much effort, adding ease to using the computer.


  • Low price for a very good keyboard.
  • Contains extra keys that set it apart from basic keyboards.
  • Built in volume control.
  • Very sleek and modern design.


  • Thin and possibly fragile.
  • Keys located on the sides of the keyboard are inconvenient for typing.
  • Can’t be bought directly from the manufacturer.

Multimedia Keyboard

Logisys Keyboard Models Compared

While both keyboards are great for use with a home or work computer, they really have only two differences. The illuminated keyboard lights up, and costs an additional $11, while the multimedia keyboard does not light up and is much less expensive. Besides these two differences, which do not directly affect the functionality of the keyboards, they are designed exactly the same way and contain the same keys, minus the illumination controls. Ultimately, the major factor that will affect a purchase is aesthetics, and whether or not lit up keys make a difference to the customer.