Computer Hardware Questions From The Resident 'Blonde'

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Do You Have Hardware Questions?

So now that you know what the basis of this computer hardware article is about, let’s get into some of the questions that I know I have (and you might have as well) so that I don’t have to fake my way through stuff along these topics any longer. If you have answers to these - by all means, message me and let me know. I’m happy to post your answer here on Bright Hub and you will be my hero for the day! And, for those of you out there who just don’t want to admit you’re “blonde” about something, send me your question and I’ll be happy to ask it for you.

Blonde Question #1: What exactly do coolers do for a computer and why does the one I have in my computer matter?

  • Not that I’m trying to just be stupid here, but I am really completely in the dark when it comes to coolers in my computer. Sure, I have read all that Wikipedia has to offer me, and I have done some other research when it comes to coolers in general. While I do understand the basic principle behind them, I am still in the dark about what they do, and why I personally need to be in a high-tech conversation about them when I don’t know squat about them at all. So, help me out here if you are a cooler ‘fan’, know the basics and want to share them here with me.

Blonde Question #2: What type of processor is really the best one for a gaming computer?

  • Ok, so I’m in the market for yet another gaming computer… not that I really need one (I have two already). But, here is my question, I want to know just what is the best processor that I should be looking at when it comes to getting a gaming computer.
  • Do I really need to pay extra for a Core II processor, or can I make it by with the standard one that comes in the base model, without upgrading?
  • What is the real difference in them and what does it matter? I mean, should I really care or is there a big enough difference that I should take another look?

Ok - so those are two questions of many that the resident blonde has when it comes to computer hardware. I know that there are those readers out there who probably just spilled their lunch laughing at my blondness here, but that’s alright - I’m OK with that. What I would like though, is some straight answers in “blonde” terms when it comes to these questions and what I really need to know. Make sure that you send me a message and I’ll be happy to post your answer and a link back to you for the help!

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