Top 5 Best JailBreak iPad Apps for 2011: the Most Awesome Tweaks You'll Ever See!

Top 5 Best JailBreak iPad Apps for 2011: the Most Awesome Tweaks You'll Ever See!
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Everybody knows that once you Jailbreak your iPad, you never want to go back. Your unlocked iDevice can be completely transformed and improved, and that’s when you really feel that you have the most powerful and innovative gadget in the world. Let’s find the 5 best jailbreak iPad Apps for 2011.

5. FolderEnhancer

This simple but effective tweak improves your folders in many ways. First, it lets you have almost as many icons as you want in one folder. Second, you can scroll between them both vertically and horizontally. Third, and perhaps the most significant improvement: the icons load much faster so you can switch between applications in different folders very easily.

Another nice bonus is that you can even choose a wallpaper for each folder, great if you want to have a stylish and beautiful iPad.

4. Graviboard

This app is just for fun, but it’s really quite amazing too. When you activate Graviboard all your icons start moving around your screen and colliding into each other, then you can drag them with your finger to make some some spectacular “icon crashing” scenes. It’s like having a game right there in your HomeScreen.

You can even launch apps in this mode as well as control the gravity, friction, and speed of your moving icons. And don’t worry, just pressing the Home button will bring all your icons back in order.

It’s an awesome “boasting” app (and one of the best JailBreak iPad apps) especially around another traditional (non-jailbreaker) iPad owner. When your icons start rolling all over the place he will definitely ask you how the hell you did that!

3. Barrel


Cydia’s most popular app, Barrel modifies your SpringBoard and adds a cool “3D Cube” effect when you scroll through different pages.

There are also many other options such as “vertical scrolling”, “curl and roll away” and even a “page fade” mode. It doesn’t seem like much but this simple tweak gives your iPad a touch of elegance that Apple should really think to include in their next iOS update.

2. RetinaPad

This tweak increases the native resolution of your iPhone-only apps to iPad standards. Don’t ask me how, but it just works. Your iPhone apps will look incredibly crisp and beautiful when you press that 2x button. Magic!

This is super useful when using the Facebook app (still waiting for the official one for the 9.7 inch iDevice) and the PlayStation app. With RetinaPad, this applications look like they were really designed for the iPad. One of the best JailBreak iPad apps for 2011!

1. FakeClockUp

fakeclockup icon-150x150

Speaking of magic, this is THE most magical tweak in Cydia. FakeClockUp will brutally increase your ipad’s processing speed to a maximum of…. 10 times! At this speed, applications load in about half a second, the Safari browser is faster than Google Chrome and soon you’ll be wondering if you just bought an iPad 2.

It is seriously impressive but it also has a few “side effects”. It costs a bit of memory (so if you have many memory-intensive apps open at the same time, one of them may crash) and the animations are so fast that you can barely see them.

But still, there’s no doubt that this tweak is just unbelievable and it’s definitely one of the best Jailbreak iPad apps for 2011!

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