Microsoft 3000 Keyboard Media Player - A Product Guide

Microsoft 3000 Keyboard Media Player - A Product Guide
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Wireles Keyboards

The ability to utilize a computer without all the wires and cords hanging about is one of the primary reasons why laptop computers are such great hits. Mobility is gaining a fast and reliable reputation and that extends to everything you can use for the computer, including the keyboard and mouse.

The ability to use the keyboard and mouse without the cords and wires is a hit for anyone who enjoys sitting back and typing without getting tangled. With the introduction of Microsoft’s operating system Windows 7, they also rolled out a few components that would work well with the system, including multimedia keyboards and mice. In this article, we take a look at the Microsoft 3000 keyboard media player that has been enhanced with the use of Windows 7 in mind.

Microsoft 3000 Wireless Desktop Keyboard

As with many of the newer wireless desktop keyboards, the Microsoft 3000 keyboard media player is a multimedia keyboard. This means that the keyboard features a variety of keys on the board itself for quick access to the Documents, Music, and Pictures folders, as well as having video/music player keys such as play, fast forward, and volume controls.

For the Microsoft 3000 keyboard, its features include the standardized keys, plus the function keys (F1-12 keys), a standard number

pad, as well as the special keys for opening different folders. There are a few keys that this keyboard includes that are special to the Windows operating systems and that of Windows 7 specifically. One of those keys is the 3D flip key, which allows for Windows 7 users to see all of their open windows and files and flip through them in a 3D view. Normally, a user would use the combination of the Windows key and the TAB key, but with the 3D flip key, users need only press this in order to view their current windows.

The function keys, also known as the F-keys, have dual operations with this keyboard. When the F-Lock button is pressed - thus enabling the function operation - users can use the F keys, such as F5 for refreshing a window or F7 to check spelling in word processing programs. When the F-Lock is not active, the function keys allow for quick shortcuts, such as saving your current work, undoing an action, and sending a file to the printer.

The special purpose keys are for the shortcut use of bringing up email, the browser homepage, Windows Live Messenger, and the music player. Next to these keys are five numbered keys that you can customize for your favorite or frequently used folders and files. For instance, you can select the number 1 favorite key to open your email program or the number 2 favorite key to open up Microsoft Word. On the left hand side of the keyboard, there are more shortcut keys - My Documents, Pictures, and the 3D flip key.

The media keys are located across the top of the keyboard, allowing for the operation of the default media player - usually Windows Media Player - by controlling playback and volume controls. Above the number keys on the right is a shortcut to open up the calculator.

The Microsoft 3000 keyboard media player retails for about $35 to $40 depending on the retail location that you go to. On Amazon, the price is listed for about $23, while on Microsoft’s product site, the keyboard is about $40.

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