How To Update Linksys Router Firmware for Win 7

How To Update Linksys Router Firmware for Win 7
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The release of Microsoft’s Windows 7 made many tasks for Windows users much easier to find and complete. Networking, in the age of wireless Internet connections, was made simpler upon installing the operating system. Along with the easy networking, doing an update on your router is the best way to ensure you keep connected.

This article goes over how to update a Linksys router’s firmware for Win 7.

What to Know Before You Update

To update the firmware, there are a few things that you will need to be aware of, such as what model of router you have and how to access your router’s configuration menu. This is a list of things that you should know before updating your firmware.

  1. Learn how to access your router online
  2. Find out the model number and version
  3. Find out if you need to update your firmware

The first step is learning how to access a Linksys router through the online portal. This is usually accomplished by going your wireless IP address. This will be something like, which is the default for most Linksys routers, however you should check your router’s documentation in the case that this address might be different. In this area you can set up your network password, set a name for your network, and update your router’s firmware.

The next thing you should do is discover your Linksys router model. Depending on which router you have, whether it be the one pictured above or the newer black versions, the model number will be somewhere on the router itself. You can also find the model on the box in which the router came in. To find the version of your router, you can either look within the documentation or on the bottom of the router itself.

Update the Firmware

After you have set up your online access to your router and discovered what your model number and version is, the next step is to obtain the firmware update from the main Linksys support website page. From here, you can type in your model number and be taken to the page where you can find information about your device.

Download the latest update, which should be the first listed if there have been several updates. Download it to a place where you can easily find it, such as your desktop, then once again log in to your router’s web page (if you were logged out). On your router page, go to the Administration tab and look for the area that says ‘firmware update’.

On the firmware page, click the browse button to find the file that you just downloaded. After you have selected it, click okay. If the file appears in the text box, click update. The update may take some time to do, and it is very important that it is not interrupted. Interruption may corrupt your router’s firmware.


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