Adeona Software Review: Protect and Recover Stolen Laptops, Mobile Devices, Work Stations and Servers

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Adeona Software Review (5 out of 5)

Adeona is an Open Source software hosted at the University of Washington. This software helps to locate your stolen laptop once it gets on the internet. By installing this software, your laptop beacons to multiple servers giving both the external and internal ip addresses.

The University of Washington was ranked the 11th best public university in the most recent edition of America’s Best Colleges released today by U.S. News & World Report. With this type of hosting, it’s no wonder why they are ranked as one of the top universities. Other universities working with Adeona are the University of California San Diego and Davis.

Adeona has been released for Linux, Mac and Windows. The current version allows for the encryption of the owner unlike proprietary tracking systems that sacrifice location privacy.

The three main properties of this excellent software is it’s ability to remain private, its reliability, and it’s free.

The installation is remarkably easy. You have a choice to install the client and recovery tools.

During my installation, I installed the client on my computer and the recovery tool on my desktop. The installation basically asked for a password and creates an .ost recovery file that you should maintain in a safe place.

After a few minutes, my laptop silently beaconed its location to the Adeona servers when I connected to the internet.

Going over to my desktop, I started the pretend recovery on my laptop and within a few seconds, I had my ip address.

Many people may ask what good does an ip address do on the recovery procedure. With, you can see the ISP your laptop is using and talk to local law enforcement to obtain warrants to see ‘who’ was using the ‘ip address’ of your laptop. Remember, because this software uses a simple ‘beacon’ technology, you can put this on your workstations or servers.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. The ease of use allows anyone to install and use Adeona. Excellent software.