System Spec Version 2.65 - A Good System Specification Tool

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Installation (5 out of 5)

With System Spec 2.65, there is no installation. Running this software from your flashdrive is ideal for enterprise level organizations. Often information technology personnel are dispatched to repair a computer only to be caught off guard by not knowing what hardware is installed. System Spec 2.65 will run under a basic user account and doesn’t modify the system files or registry. Individual hardware inventory is an important part of troubleshooting and security in the Enterprise.

System Spec

Performance | Identifying Hardware (4 out of 5)

System Spec 2.65’s performance is outstanding. Often information technology professionals need the basic information and description of computer hardware in order to repair or troubleshoot issues. System Spec correctly identified all of the hardware in the test computer except the Nvidia video card. The test computer’s NVidia GeoForce 6150 Go (HP Laptop) was not identified. Although most of the descriptions can be seen in the Device Manager inside of Windows, these descriptions would not be available in a system that had drivers missing.

System Spec offers CPU load, Hard drive information, program information, network information and dozens of other features. System Spec gives detailed information about a majority of the hardware that it identifies. Many of the shortcuts inside of the program take you to windows “snap ins” or commands (SFC - System File Checker / Control Panel). Because many of the short cuts to system snap ins are included, this makes the program more valuable because you don’t have to exit the program to get to these needed tools and utilities.

The program is only 2.5 mb and uses between 8 mb and 12 mb of RAM. The software returns information instantly and is not CPU intensive. System Spec allows for a full report to be exported to a CSV or HTML file. These reports can be used to identify the system’s hardware at a later date.

System Information

System Information

Price and Value (5 out of 5)

System Spec (2.65) is freeware that can be downloaded at (The file is approximately 2.5 mb)This tool is an invaluable tool that every enterprise IT professional needs on their flash drive. This software allows your IT professional’s to examine a system without the written system specifications or without “cracking” the case. System Spec’s performance is outstanding and is a valuable piece of software to ‘help’ your help desk and network personnel.