FBI's eGuardian System & How it Works to Share Terrorist Information

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The eGuardian System

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has created a computer system that allows suspected terrorist to be put in a computer program that allows a dot-collecting and dot-connecting. This program, eGuardian, will be available at every level of government across the United States. This form of collecting information from law enforcement and intelligence players will allow for suspicious persons or activities to be connect. This information became available in early 2009 to police departments across the nation.

This program has been used by several select organizations and agencies. This program enables real-time sharing of information between agencies and is a the child product of Guardian.

How Does It Work?

The system works by reporting suspicious activities and can be submitted to the Joint Terrorism Task Forces if necessary. The information is entered and prioritized. The system will be available to Law Enforcement at https://www.leo.gov (Law Enforcement Online). This gives access to more than 18,000 agencies.

A core processing system will evaluate and be looked over by trained personnel who will evaluate and monitor the situations. There will be capabilities for the system to provide geo-spatial mapping, link analysis and live chats. The father program, Guardian will talk with eGuardian.

If there is no link to terrorism, information can be deleted. Any information that cannot be followed through will be marked ‘inconclusive” and it will be kept for five years. This information will help keep the United States safer.

Enterprise personnel with specific skills can help the Federal Bereau of Investigation by joining the FBI’s Infragard program. This program helps with communication between the FBI and private organizations. This public private relationship allows for communications in areas such as information technology, chemicals, agriculture, research and technology. Membership is free, non-paid and voluntary. The Infragard consist of more than 18,000 members from organizations across the country.

Communications across the enterprise is critical not only for the business continuity, but for the nation’s safety.