Enterprise Email Security: The Need for Compliance on Enterprise Email Security

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Importance of Email Security

Compliance, with regards to enterprise security, isn’t a one-step process. It is never about “set up once and forget it” scenario. It can never be about achieving a certain milestone. It is a process that can extend indefinitely, which calls for a rigorous implementation of policies, document procedures, invoke collection of data and set up auditing and other milestones. Since there are too many systems and protocols to set-up, IT managers are usually pressed for time. It is then, very critical for them to ensure that they attend to the more importance compliance requirements first, like email content security

The importance of email security is pretty evident given the penetration and criticality of the email systems itself. Most of the business information is exchanged today using the email systems. In most of the cases, it so happens that the businesses are bound by regulatory authorities to ensure that the data they deal with is always protected. Additionally, it makes perfect sense to regulate this information. Moreover, there are chances that this information can be easily fed into USB drives and other mobile data back-up hardware by people or staff from within a company, which makes information theft a certain possibility.

In fact, a study conducted by Frost and Sullivan actually points out that most of the companies are actually bound by regulatory laws to protect data. However, none of these industry or government regulations never state what specific security must be provided to such data. This calls for a thorough implementation of at least the very basic and acceptable standards set forth by the companies in question itself.

The company would find it easy to implement compliance with respect to email security by ensuring that the solution it is looking for provides for the basic compliance, security and follows mandatory regulations set forth by the industry or the government. The company must implement some for the best practices used for the implementation of systems so as to guard for theft of sensitive customer information.

What exactly must an email security solution be able to do in order to meet compliance requirements within a company, on a very basic level? See Part 2 of this article to crunch on that information.

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