What is GPS and Who Owns It?

What is GPS and Who Owns It?

Everyone makes mistakes.  And we’ve all gotten lost.  Back in the day, it used to be that Mom had a huge, unfolded, small-print map on her lap sitting in the passenger seat, and Dad impatiently asking for directions while motoring along.  Occasionally that caused many turnarounds and sometimes, tirades. And navigating at night was literally …

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Digital Future:  Digital Government

Digital Future: Digital Government

As with businesses, there are opportunities – and necessities – for governments embracing the opportunities that digital technology provides.  Digital government most likely involves digitizing the interfaces of government – at least with other governments, with citizens, with businesses, and with other organizations.  So, it would seem that it is aimed largely at efficiency. However, …

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The Digital Future:  Fintech

The Digital Future: Fintech

The advancement of digital technology is enabling ‘fintech’, or a new breed of financial technology, which represents a major reorganization of the services offered in the financial services industry.  Banks and other financial institutions have long been entrenched as intermediaries between the financial system – financial services offered – and consumers. With fintech, the traditional …

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Employees Get Chipped: Embedding Microchips

Employees Get Chipped: Embedding Microchips

For medical reasons, implantable technologies such as a pacemaker, help to regulate someone’s heart.  Other implanted functions have been used to help the deaf hear and may one day be used for treatments for Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy, and Tourette’s syndrome.  They might also in the near future be engineered to help control obsessive compulsive disorder …

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Plastic Pollution in America: Alert to Disaster

Plastic Pollution in America: Alert to Disaster

Have you seen the photo of the bird caught in plastic bottle rings? Or the dolphin that choked from a bag noose? How about the stomach contents of birds that have ingested a weird composite of plastic gizmos and toys?  Water animals from the largest whales to the smallest zooplankton eat microplastics—bits from larger pieces of plastic that are smaller than one-fifth of …

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Second-Hand Smoke Issues

Second-Hand Smoke Issues

Many people today are more conscious of health issues, eating better, getting exercise and staying fit with holistic methods and treatments, yet there is one killer they have little to no control over, secondhand smoke.  One point one billion people around the world use tobacco and 15 billion cigarettes are sold daily—that’s about ten million every minute.  One out …

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Death of the Plastic Straw

Death of the Plastic Straw

There is a remote, uninhabited island in the South Pacific called Henderson Island.  When researchers visited it in 2015, they found so much plastic—53,000 pieces in just one sample area—that they estimated the island’s total debris at 38 million parts!  A veritable garbage dump, that when scientists read the labels, more than a third came from China or Japan and a quarter from South America.  …

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Senior Citizens: Going Back to College

Have you already logged your time in the workaday world? Maybe you just want to be intellectually stimulated. If you are digitally savvy or have lots of valuable life experience, you may just want to return to college to continue learning or even to accelerate a new career.

Self Driving Cars: Insurance Issues

Sci-fi fans may have been waiting for the invention of flying cars for decades, but it’s self-driving cars that are quickly becoming our new reality. Automated vehicles are one of the great technological revolutions of our time, but learn why they cause fear in the hearts of insurers.

Urban Beekeeping for Beginners

You’ve romanticized about having your own honeybee hive apiary; have thought about helping save the bees from disease, nutrition and pesticides; or contemplated how great it would be to have bees populate your garden. It’s doable, but will take some time and effort.