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  • Why Paid Maternity Leave is Not a Family Value (But Really Should Be)

    Paid maternity leave is a staple of many European labor laws. In the United States, some pregnant women can count on taking off 12 unpaid weeks. Who can afford this? Adding insult to injury, the very politicians who champion family values laws fail...
    By Sylvia Cochran August 10, 2011 

  • Should You Join a Union?

    Many youngsters fresh out of college wonder if joining a union is a good or bad idea. Truth be told, there are pros and cons to joining a union and many economic experts say unions are one of the reasons America is in so much financial trouble. Jean Scheid...
    By Jean Scheid July 26, 2011 

  • Should You Follow Your Heart or Fill Your Pocketbook?

    Ah...the age-old question of love or money? If you're like many, you are probably bombarded by people telling you to follow the pocketbook. After all, they argue, you need a practical major or job choice in order to obtain that great job and you're...
    By Ronda Bowen July 15, 2011 

  • Getting the Job You Want: How Important is the Proper Business Attire?

    Is a business suit a crucial part of the job search process or a cliché that no longer holds value? With today's tough economy, showing that you know the importance of getting back to basics can score you some real points at your next job...
    By Donna Cosmato July 15, 2011 

  • Can Saying What You Really Think on Your Blog Kill Your Career?

    It seems that these days just about everyone has a blog. Just because you have an online platform on which to espouse your thoughts, reactions, and beliefs on certain cases doesn't mean that you should. While speech is protected in our country, some...
    By Ronda Bowen July 14, 2011 

  • If You Really Need a Job...Don't Bother to Apply

    Are you looking for a job, like one-tenth of Americans these days? Have no fear! You are prepared to stand up against any discrimination issues—but something that might still hinder your search is the fact that you actually need a job. It’s...
    By Linda Richter July 8, 2011 

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