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  • Unknown Green Technology That May Soon Be Commonplace

    We all use advanced technology on a daily basis, but not much of it is environmentally friendly. This may all change in the near future. Learn about scientific advances and discoveries that could result in everyday green tech.
    By  Eighty Six May 4, 2015 

  • Frog with Five Legs: What about the Growing Number of Deformed Frogs?

    We all think of animals as part of nature. We believe nature will take care of its own and we can do nothing to alter evolution, but what if something man-made is causing dangerous changes?
    By Andrea Campbell August 29, 2014 

  • Overpopulation: Is It a Threat?

    In most of the more-developed, “core” countries of the world, population growth has slowed, stopped, or even reversed. Many people have used that as a sign that the threat of over-population is over. But, is that really the case?
    By Maggie Romuld December 4, 2013 

  • The Move to Small Farming

    For the first time in years, statistics have shown a small increase in the amount of small farms. This increase in hobby or small farms reflects the consumer's interest in locally grown, fresh, organic food. Learn more about what this trend means...
    By Lindsay Williams October 23, 2013 

  • What's Bugging the Honey Bees?

    Many have heard of the mysterious disease affecting honeybees known simply as colony collapse disorder. Research into this phenomenon has revealed a host of other threats to honeybees. However, there is hope for their future.
    By Maggie Romuld October 21, 2013 

  • The Dangers of Mudslides: How Forest Fires Contribute to Flooding

    It may seem though rain would be a welcome relief to forest fires, however, heavy rain after a large fire can spell disaster. Fire destroys natural vegetation which holds soil in place and provides barriers to mudslides and flooding. The results can be...
    By Lindsay Williams October 7, 2013 

  • How to Fight a Forest Fire

    Can lighting a fire actually prevent a fire from spreading? Learn about some of the modern fire-fighting techniques that were recently used in Yosemite.
    By Lindsay Williams October 3, 2013 

  • GMO Labeling: The Debate

    Should genetically modified foods be labeled? Proponents insist that consumers have a "right to know", while critics claim that forced labeling would falsely alarm consumers over ingredients that have been proven safe. Where do you stand on...
    By Maggie Romuld September 19, 2013 

  • What's the Big Deal About Fracking?

    Hydraulic Fracking is a controversial topic these days. Many are concerned that this method of extracting natural gas from shale proves harmful to people and the environment.
    By Lindsay Williams August 23, 2013 

  • Are We in Desperate Need of a Green Revolution?

    Friedman believes we are, and the way to get there is through offering tax incentives to those working on green technologies - while that's a great incentive for businesses, for long-term success we're going to need to stop being so obsessed with...
    By Ronda Bowen September 30, 2011 
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