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How to Change the Theme of One Slide on Microsoft PowerPoint?

written by: Anurag Ghosh•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 5/25/2010

Themes are an important part of your slide show presentation. A theme applied to all slides makes the presentation look uniform and eye-catching. Changing the theme of one slide on Microsoft PowerPoint is quite easy. This PowerPoint tutorial explains how to change the theme of one slide in four easy

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    The Importance of Themes on Your Slide Presentation

    Whether it’s a classroom lecture or an important business presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint is the first choice for creating informative and dynamic slideshows. A slide presentation can be easily created using text, charts and animations. A slideshow should look presentable and uniform, and that is why a design theme is applied to give an organized, attractive look.

    Applying a theme to a slideshow makes it easy to organize the MS PowerPoint presentation with fonts, coordinating colors, effects and a matching background. A slideshow may contain different slide layouts to display various aspects of the topic that you are going to present. Using themes, the entire slideshow works like an attractive package as the design theme creates a uniform background, color and font.

    Different colorful design themes in PowerPoint can be found on the Design tab, in the Themes group. Nineteen attractive built-in themes can be applied to your slides. You can also download additional free themes from Microsoft Office Online.

    To apply themes, create some slides and choose the theme that best suits your topic to give that uniform, attractive look. You can place the mouse cursor to enable a live preview of the theme on your first slide. When you click on the chosen theme, it will be applied to all slides in your presentation.

    Sometimes you may want to change the theme of one slide to make it look distinct from the others. Changing the theme of one slide on Microsoft PowerPoint is very easy. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to change the theme of one slide and make it look different from other slides.

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    How to change the Theme of One Slide in MS PowerPoint?

    1. First, create some new slides for your presentation. On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click New Slide to create one. Create two or three more slides.

    Create a New Slide 

    You can then type-in some text, add some charts and objects to your slide.

    Add some Content to Your Slides 

    2. Now, add a theme to your slides. To do this, click on the Design tab; you will see different kinds of colorful built-in themes in the Themes group.

    The Design Tab, With 19 Built-in Themes 

    Placing your cursor on any one theme of the nineteen built-in themes enables live preview on your first slide

    Place the Mouse Cursor to Enable Live Preview 

    Clicking on the selected theme will add that theme to all slides. Look at the Slides tab on the left hand side in the screenshot. The selected theme will be applied to all three sides.

    Click on the Selected Theme to Add Theme to All Slides 

    3. Now, suppose you want to change the theme of the second slide. First, click on Slide 2 on the Slides tab.

    4. On the Design tab, in the Themes group, right-click on any one theme and click on Apply to Selected Slides to apply that particular theme to the second slide.

    Changing the Theme of One Slide on Microsoft PowerPoint 

    You will see only the theme of the second slide changed. Look at the Slides tab; you will see the changed theme of the second slide, with themes for the first and third slide unaffected.

    Changed Theme of the Second Slide 

    In this way, you can change the theme of the third slide or the first slide. Thus, changing the theme of one slide on Microsoft PowerPoint can be easily done by following the above steps.

    Note: Please click on the tutorial screenshots to get the enlarged view.