LG Rumor 2 Reviewed

It seemed in 2008, that phones with a dialing pad then a slide out QWERTY keyboard would be the biggest revolution in the cell phone world. So is the LG Rumor 2 – a double pad texting phone on Sprint – still an option in 2011?
Which is Better? Thunderbolt vs Revolution

Which is Better? Thunderbolt vs Revolution

Buying a smartphone can be a difficult experience, as the wrong choice could leave you unhappy for over a year. If you are stuck deciding between the LG Revolution and the HTC Thunderbolt, this guide will help you understand the differences in the devices.

LG Thrive Review - AT&T's First Prepaid Smartphone

The LG Thrive is AT&T’s version of the LG Optimus One, which has made quite an impact across all the U.S. carriers. The Thrive is also the first smartphone to be released on AT&T’s Go prepaid plan, once again, aiming at the entry level market. Will it truly thrive like the name suggests?