The Best Free Port Scanners

Port scanners are key tools for network and systems security professionals. Fortunately, the best of these are free and/or Open Source. This article examines and compares the top five free port scanners available. If you don’t already have at least one in your kit, get one of these ASAP.

The Best Free Penetration Testing Tools

Penetration Testing uses a variety of specialized tools to make testing far faster and more effective at discovering vulnerabilities. Five of the top tools are highlighted in this article. We examine why these penetration testing tools are great at discovering vulnerabilities and when to use them.

Pen Testing: A Beginner's Guide

Penetration Testing can seem like a black art to a beginner. To an IT veteran not specializing in security it may seem as simple as buying a product and clicking a few buttons. Neither of these ideas is true. Here we’ll examine how to get started with pen testing and how to do it well.

How Secure is Email - Secure your Email

Email is always susceptible to attacks from viruses & email worms. To get a clear view of email security threats, testing email security is the way to go. Testing Email Security ensures that you are with the right email provider & your email is always secure from spam & other threats. Read more…

PGP Desktop 9.9 Review

PGP Desktop 9.9 is a software suite for secure email, safe storage on disks, protected shared storage, as well as armored or self-decrypting archives. PGP Desktop provides individuals and companies comprehensive security for mobile computers and desktops by cryptography at an affordable price.