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Jazz Band Business Card Templates For All Musicians

Music, as a profession, is known for being intensely competitive. As a performing artist, you need to be promoting yourself at all times. Whether you play the standards or modern material, these jazz band business card templates will help you in your quest for getting the serious gigs.

5 Great Resources for Retirement Party Clipart

If you’ve been given the unenviable task of arranging a retirement roast, or a celebration party for the retiree then you’ll want to save time and money where you can. Using ready made clipart to add to invitations, banners and decorative partyware gives you a step up and is free to use too.

Top 5 Free Logo Creator Applications and Templates

These apps are invaluable tools for small business owners or other organizations looking to create their own logo without affecting a budget that is already allocated for other purposes. The five logo creator applications highlighted here will give you plenty of fine options to do that.

Where to Find Free Graduation Clipart Images

You can save money and add your own touch by creating your own custom graduation publications from invites to party decorations to thank you notes. Use free graduation clipart images from the following sources to further embellish your DTP graduation projects.

MP3 Search Engines: A Roundup

Looking for an MP3 file which you can’t locate with your preferred search engine? Don’t despair as you can always use MP3 search engines to locate anything from audio books, podcasts and even music in the public domain.