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Free Invitation Templates for Any Kind of Party

Free online templates for making invitations, to print at the home or office, can be found on various websites. This article roots out where the best and most user-friendly resources are on the Web. If you have an upcoming event and want an inexpensive way to get the word out, read on.

Guide for Speeding Up GPS Signal Acquisition on Nokia Cell Phones

If you’re using a Nokia cell phone with GPS capabilities you may have noticed at certain times that its rather hard to receive a GPS signal, while at other times you can receive a signal in a matter of seconds. In this article I’ll explain how to receive faster GPS coordinates with little effort.

Free Pamphlet Templates

Pamphlets designed from the free templates available on the Web are an invaluable marketing tool for your small business. This article is another in my free templates series highlighting the resources available on the Internet to aid you in accomplishing any desktop publishing project cheaply.

Logical/Technical Security Controls – Part 1

Logical controls, also called technical controls, are used to provide access to your organization’s data in a manner that conforms to management policies. This includes the enforcement of the principles of least privilege and separation of duties. This article looks at both preventive logical controls, in both hardware and software.

Overview: Information Security Primer – Part 4

In this final installment of the Information Security Primer series, we’ll examine some fundamentals of risk management, specifically the components of a sound security program. The proper application of risk management principles provides the framework upon which managers base the reasonable and appropriate application of security controls.