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How to Setup Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in VirtualBox

Need to setup a SQL Server but don’t have the hardware? You can setup a database server and use virtualization to expand your server farm without any additional hardware. This tutorial shows how to setup a Microsoft SQL Server in VirtualBox on Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

How to Make Purchase Orders Using Microsoft Word

Purchase orders are integral to certain types of small businesses. If you’re looking for an easy way to create one easily from a template that is already formatted for you to just customize, then this Microsoft Word tutorial will show you exactly how to do so.

Free Letters of Recommendation Templates

In part one of this two-part series, I described the elements of, and provided examples of, good letters of recommendation. In this article I will point you to the free online template resources to make this task a quick and painless process. Go right to the best sites here to get started.

Free Christmas and Holiday Card Templates

Designing holiday cards from the many free templates available on the Internet is an inexpensive and easy way to send salutations and good wishes to your family and friends. This magnanimous desktop publishing project will be a snap with the excellent resources I pinpoint in this article.

Free Templates for Personal Financial Planning

Free, downloadable templates for tracking personal finances are easily obtained on the Web. If you’re looking to keep yourself within a budget and on top of your financial goals, these free templates will help make it easier to keep you fiscally organized.