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How can Google Apps help with Project Management Tasks?

The use of Google Apps can facilitate some of your project management needs and can be used to remotely collaborate with your project team members using spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations. This article will outline the Google Apps that can be useful for Project Management Tasks.

Masters Degree Online in Project Management

Are you interested in earning a graduate degree in Project Management (PM)? If so, this article can provide the necessary education and knowledge needed to be in a project management position as well as know what it takes to achieve specific education and certification as well as professional goals.

Project Management in Web Design

Project management is an important job at any company as you are responsible for ensuring projects are well planned and completed to the satisfaction of clients on time and within budget. In this article we take a look at the role of project manager in web design.

Project Management with Google Docs

Project tracking and management with Google Docs is easy. Just plan your project and enter the data in a spreadsheet. Then, share that spreadsheet with your project team. No need to email the team, Google Docs does that for you.

Google Notebooks Project Management

Google Notebooks is a free online notebook, similar to Microroft One Note. With virtual notebooks you can keep track of everything you have going on in life. The handy browser plug-in lets you take note of websites that are important. Learn how to use this to better manage your projects.

Project Management with iGoogle

Formally known as Google Personalized Homepage, this service launched in May 2005 to allow users to customize their Google search page. With this ability, you are able to manage your projects, and this article will show you how to do this.