• The Greenwich Royal Observatory

    The Greenwich Royal Observatory, which founded in 1675 is the site of the Prime Meridian, Universal Time, and a 28-inch refracting telescope. Read about the rich history of this observatory.
    By Brian Jones July 27, 2009 

  • Nothing But the Facts About Radio Telescopes

    Although most of the information and observations we obtain from space are disseminated into the mass media in the form of visual images, there is another medium for information that can be just as fruitful for us.
    By slight_underweft June 30, 2009 

  • Kepler's First Light

    The Kepler satellite has taken and sent back the first images of its prodigious mission; and it has done so with its huge photometer.
    By slight_underweft June 30, 2009 

  • Almost Here: The Herschel Space Observatory

    The Herschel Space Observatory has been in the pipes for a long time, and it's only just been launched, promising to be the premier infrared space observatory. Here's an overview of Herschel's past, present and future in this critical field...
    By allychevalier June 25, 2009 

  • Gone But Not Forgotten: The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory

    The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, during its nine year mission, accomplished much for the field of gamma ray astronomy. Here's an overview of Compton, its history, how it worked, what it discovered - and why it was deorbited.
    By allychevalier June 25, 2009 

  • X-Ray Vision: The Chandra X-Ray Observatory

    The Chandra X-Ray Observatory has been providing both scientists and laymen alike with some of the most spectacular - and insightful - pictures of our universe since its launch in 1999. Here's an overview of what the Chandra Observatory is, what it...
    By allychevalier June 25, 2009 

  • Starry Success: (Another) Hubble Repair Mission

    The Hubble space telescope is responsible for some of the most fantastic pictures - and startling discoveries - in astronomy. As with any piece of aging equipment, it's in need of some repair. This article outlines some of the replacements and improvements...
    By allychevalier June 4, 2009 

  • Radio Telescopes – Invisible Signal Detectors

    It is really a marvel to look out in space and see what is out there beyond our planet. However, not all of the matter out there is visible. Radio telescopes let us peer into the cosmos and gather information from radio waves.
    By phoenixwriter January 16, 2009 

  • Don't Twinkle, Little Star: Adaptive Optics

    Find out how astronomers are using adaptive optics to make images from ground-based telescopes clearer than ever before.
    By Robyn Broyles January 15, 2009 

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