Looking to invest in a decent telescope? What if you’ve already got one and are looking for an upgrade? And when was the telescope invented anyway? What are the latest developments in the major telescope projects? Get all these answers and more.

Kepler’s First Light

The Kepler satellite has taken and sent back the first images of its prodigious mission; and it has done so with its huge photometer.

Nothing But the Facts About Radio Astronomy

Although most of the information and observations we obtain from space are disseminated into the mass media in the form of visual images, there is another medium for information that can be just as fruitful for us.

How To Help Mars Researchers With THEMIS

While scientists are busily making their discoveries, everyday people often end up feeling like there’s nothing they can do to participate. However, there’s a new feature out there that allows absolutely anyone, regardless of their background, to help out with Mars research. Here’s how:

An Overview of the Chandra X-Ray Observatory

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory has been providing both scientists and laymen alike with some of the most spectacular – and insightful – pictures of our universe since its launch in 1999. Here’s an overview of what the Chandra Observatory is, what it does, how it works, and what’s in store.

The Herschel Space Observatory: A New Eye For Infrared

The Herschel Space Observatory has been in the pipes for a long time, and it’s only just been launched, promising to be the premier infrared space observatory. Here’s an overview of Herschel’s past, present and future in this critical field.

The Fifth (And Final?) Repair Mission To the Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble space telescope is responsible for some of the most fantastic pictures – and startling discoveries – in astronomy. As with any piece of aging equipment, it’s in need of some repair. This article outlines some of the replacements and improvements that were done for Hubble in May, 2009.

Free Online Telescopes: The Best Resources for Amateur Astronomers

Are you an amateur astronomer or space photographer? With online telescopes, observations that used to take hours of work with your own setup can now be done at professional quality using professional equipment from the comfort of your computer chair. Check out the options out there on the web.

An Introduction to the Keck Telescopes

Development of the Keck telescope laid the groundwork for the giant telescopes being built and designed today. Keck has already made significant discoveries, and more are destined to come.