Looking to invest in a decent telescope? What if you’ve already got one and are looking for an upgrade? And when was the telescope invented anyway? What are the latest developments in the major telescope projects? Get all these answers and more.

Interesting Facts about the Recent Discoveries of the Kepler Mission

Based on the observational data collected by the Kepler telescope, NASA’s Kepler Mission team released results of the data on February 2, 2011. The results were surprising as they pointed out the possibility of Earth-like planets that may harbor life, or intelligent life. Here are some key facts:

Best Educational Toys Ideas – Good Telescopes for Kids

Looking for good telescopes for kids is not that easy since there are several things you have to consider. These include the usability, durability, and the cost of the telescope. To help you with that, here are a few excellent telescopes that you can buy for your kids.

Project Pan-STARRS and the Outer Solar System

“Watch the skies, everywhere! Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!” If you’re an old Sci-Fi movie buff you might remember this closing line from the 1951 movie, “The Thing From Another World”. But this could be the motto of the Pan-STARRs project as it searches for NEOs – Near Earth Objects.

Interferometry improves our view of the heavens

We may take the complexity of our eyes for granted, but astronomers do not. Interferometry is a technique that uses a number of telescopes together to provide a more accurate picture of the heavens than a single telescope can provide.

How To Make A Simple Telescope At Home

Making a telescope at home can be a great learning experience and is tons of fun. Whether you’re a solo amateur astronomer or you’re looking for a great project to do with your kids, you can build a simple telescope with some basic materials in no time.

WISE–NASA’s infrared survey of the universe

NASA has yet another remarkable satellite mission–the WISE mission is launched on December 14. The $300 million venture, WISE is an infrared telescope designed to detect objects and phenomenon visible light telescopes cannot.

Amateur Asteroid Hunting

The idea of hunting for asteroids inspires images of a massive boulder hurtling on a destructive path towards Earth, ready to display its terrifying power and wipe out humankind in the same way the dinosaurs met their end. But you can take part in the hunt for these minor planets with major force!