Manned Space Travel

  • African American Astronaut, Robert Henry Lawrence Jr.

    Few people have heard of the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. More than likely, even less have heard of Major Robert Henry Lawrence Jr. and the important role he played in America's early space program or his historic victory as the first African American...
    By LisaSmegal July 11, 2011 

  • Bringing the Stars Within Reach - Project Daedalus

    Project Daedalus was the first serious attempt by scientists and engineers to solve the challenges presented by interstellar travel in a realistic and feasible way. Thirty years later it is still a key reference point for any serious discussions of interstellar...
    By Finn Orfano June 30, 2011 

  • Change Is Coming To Human Spaceflight at NASA - The Augustine Commission

    A tightening budget, technical woes, and scheduling slips have combined to call into question the future of NASA's human spaceflight program. In order to evaluate the situation and determine a solid path moving forward, the Augustine Commission was...
    By Sean Fears June 30, 2011 

  • Crew Space Transportation System - A Viable Alternative to NASA's Orion Program?

    The Crew Space Transportation System (CSTS) is designed to allow for low Earth orbit (LEO) missions, with the possibility of more extensive missions, such as a journey to the Moon. Primarily, the project is geared towards a replacement...
    By Jason C. Chavis June 30, 2011 

  • The Space Shuttle - A Report Card

    The Shuttle is a remarkable machine, but it is not what was originally envisioned or requested. Find out how it measures up to those expectations.
    By Sean Fears June 30, 2011 

  • Europe Researching Shuttle-like Space Vehicle, the IXV

    At the exact time when the United States is abandoning a maneuverable, lifting re-entry vehicle for a re-entry capsule and China is aiming for the moon, the European Space Agency is positioning itself for manned space exploration by announcing the IXV...
    By Sean Fears June 30, 2011 

  • China's Space Program - An Overview

    Many think that China has only recently begun taking steps towards involvement in space; in truth, they took their first unmanned space presence in 1970. Their manned space program is far more recent, but it is still a logical outgrowth of political...
    By Sean Fears June 27, 2011 

  • Skylon - To Boldly Go Where No Spacecraft Has Gone Before?

    Though there are many spacecraft, manned and unmanned, making their way into space in the early 21st century, only one of those has wings. The Skylon hopes to improve upon the Shuttle by managing to be the first single-stage-to-orbit spaceplane.
    By Sean Fears June 27, 2011 

  • Saturn V- The Original Moon Rocket

    Nearly 40 years after the first successful landing on the Moon, the Saturn V still stands as one of the premier engineering accomplishments of all time - it took over six million pounds of metal and rocket fuel to land two men on Earth's nearest celestial...
    By Sean Fears June 27, 2011 

  • A Look at the Private Space Sector: Do They Have What It Takes?

    Missions in space were once solely government and military agency activities. Now, the private sector has gotten into the action. Does the private sector have what it takes to succeed and make space ventures a solid investment opportunity? Could space...
    By Rose Kivi June 9, 2011 
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