Manned Space Travel

Looking to learn more about manned space programs? What is the Gemini Space Program? When was the European Space Agency (ESA) founded? Here you’ll find a wealth of information on space and space programs.

Food, Water, and Fuel Requirements of a Manned Mission to Mars

The US space program is positioning itself for an eventual push to the planet Mars. Reaching the Red Planet will take a technological and human effort the likes of which none of us has ever seen. Part 1 of this series addresses the logistical and design issues associated with this effort.

Atmospheric Re-entry Basics

Atmospheric reentry is without a doubt the most challenging phase of spaceflight, for a number of very good reasons. Find out why we have yet to master this regime of flight in this article.

Atmospheric Re-entry: Techniques and Materials

Atmospheric re-entry is a difficult environment, but methods, techniques and materials have been developed to cope with the heat; some aren’t so different than the human body’s heat management mechanisms. Find out how engineers enable what goes up to come back down safely.

Ares vs. Shuttle- A Comparison of Two NASA Space Vehicles

in 2005, the Ares rocket and Orion capsule were chosen by NASA for the distinction of replacing the Shuttle and returning to the surface of the moon. Even though the program is encountering delays and technical difficulties, the choice to return to rockets does make sense.

History of Columbia Space Shuttle and Disaster

We normally hear and read about accidents and death of several people in the news which occur on roads, rivers and so on, but the thought of having an accident in space really sends shivers down the spine. Read what happened to the Space Shuttle Columbia and her crew which met with such an accident.