Manned Space Travel

Looking to learn more about manned space programs? What is the Gemini Space Program? When was the European Space Agency (ESA) founded? Here you’ll find a wealth of information on space and space programs.

Space Women – African American Woman Astronauts

If you were on a space mission in trouble, Mae Jemison is one astronaut you’d want on your crew. The first of several African American woman astronauts, Jemison, with her astonishing achievements, has been inspiring young women everywhere to go after their dreams since well before her 1992 flight.

Uses of Computers in Space Research and Advancement

Without the advancement of computer technology we would not have the Hubble Space Telescope in space. From analyzing data gathered by these telescopes, to designing the complex systems needed to make them work, computer technology goes hand in hand with the advancement of space research.

About NASA Astronaut Height and Weight Requirements

Though NASA astronaut height and weight requirements have changed somewhat over the years, there is no getting around these requirements. Read on to learn just what it takes to get into the highly competitive NASA corps of astronauts.

Space Law and International Relations and the Implications

With the advent of the Space Age in the 1950s, the international community realized that to peacefully explore space international law must be created to deal with it. A series of treaties drafted by the UN has set up a basic agreement, but will it be enough?

Effects or Problems of Space Travel on the Human Body

The effects of space travel on the human body are primarily caused by the existence of a microgravity environment that causes weightlessness and the vacuum of space when unprotected. While we can isolate ourselves from the effects of the vacuum, weightlessness cannot be avoided.