Manned Space Travel

Looking to learn more about manned space programs? What is the Gemini Space Program? When was the European Space Agency (ESA) founded? Here you’ll find a wealth of information on space and space programs.

Are You a Moon Mission Mastermind?

The Apollo spacecraft flew to the Moon nine times. Each mission was different and discovered new data about the Moon. Each also had its own times of drama and excitement–one more than the others. How much do you remember or know about the Apollo missions? Are you a Moon-mission mastermind?

Spacecraft in Pictures

The Space Age has given us some of the most exciting images in history. Rockets blasting off, spacecraft landing, images from other worlds. Here are a collection of some spacecraft in pictures that excited the world.

A Look at the Solar System: Planetary Atmospheres

Throughout the Solar System, planetary atmospheres vary to great degrees. Learning about the different features of each, helps humans understand the changing dynamics of Earth and fulfills our general need to explore.

Famous Female Astronomers – a List and Description

There have been many important female astronomers. Women astronomers have helped expand our frontiers by being the first to discover how to calculate the distance to far away galaxies, among other firsts. Women have been important astronomers since 400 AD, and maybe even before that.

The Parts That Are On A Spaceship: The Shuttle System

Ever wonder about the parts that are on a spaceship? Here’s an overview of the external parts of the space shuttle, including the shuttle system as it sits on the launch pad. The space shuttle is “the most complex machine ever built”, according to NASA.

The Inside of a Spacecraft

Manned spacecraft are responsible for carrying payload and astronauts into orbit. But what does the interior of a spacecraft really look like? In this article we will explore what the interior of the space shuttle looks like and how astronauts perform day to day activities.

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch: America’s Return to Space?

America’s reentry into space began on December 8 2010 with the launch of the Dragon spacecraft into orbit by the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. Dragon and Falcon 9 are commercial spacecraft designed and built by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation on contract with NASA.

Robert Henry Lawrence Jr-First African American Astronaut

Few people have heard of the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. More than likely, even less have heard of Major Robert Henry Lawrence Jr. and the important role he played in America’s early space program or his historic victory as the first African American Astronaut.

Space Food, the Food Astronauts Eat

What exactly do astronauts eat while in space and why? How did astronaut food come to be? How do astronauts preserve food for extended periods of time while in space? NASA has been researching food for space since the 1960’s to find the best solution for keeping astronauts from going hungry.

Cons to Space Expeditions

While exploring space has been the wonder of generations of humans, advances in technology and the further understanding of the nature of microgravity have opened up new worries about the concept. These cons to space expeditions do not deter some, but should be addressed going forward.

Why Do People Explore Space?

Why do people explore space? With the changing dynamics of government funding and economic interests in the United States and around the world, many politicians and scientists find themselves involved in the middle of the debate about the reasons people explore space.