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Learn about current events in space exploration and travel, as well as meteor showers, eclipses and other astronomical events. Our experts offer their comments on space travel development in the US and around the world. Learn about rocket ships, space junk, planets, solar systems and more. Is there really life out there on other planets? Discuss it here.

How Much of a Threat is Space Junk?

Not content with polluting the Earth and its atmosphere we are now cluttering up space with dead, useless satellites and other assorted space junk. In our quest for self-gratification our ability to pollute knows no bounds.

Discovery and Utilization of Water on Mars

The search for water on Mars has been a long one. It has taken us years to discover overwhelming evidence showing water flowing on the red planet. One challenge NASA has today, however, is convincing the populace that this discovery is worthwhile and quite possibly interesting.

Retirement of the Space Shuttle Program is Wrong

Watching the Atlantis arrive from its last voyage into space was a remarkable moment for all Americans. After 30 brilliant years of triumph and tragedy, the space shuttle program came to an end. However, like others, I question whether it was too much whimper and not enough bang. “Wheels stop.”