• White Holes: Violent Emission

    Now, among the plentitude of objects in theoretical cosmology, we come across the event of the white hole, a theoretical "hole" in the universe that is violently emitting matter, a black hole in "negative" time.
    By slight_underweft May 30, 2009 

  • Nothing But The Facts About Dark Matter

    Dark matter is one of the great mysteries of our universe. Dark matter has been written into science fiction novels, been attributed to psychic powers, and portrayed as other magical forces in work that cannot be explained. Here are some facts about...
    By sdoy79 May 19, 2009 

  • What is Time?

    The pocket watch in the White Rabbit's hand as he hopped down the rabbit hole to Wonderland is the perfect symbol for making an inquiry into the deceptively simple question: what is time?
    By Todd McCall April 29, 2009 

  • Wormholes - Our Short Cut Through Space and Time

    Carl Sagan brought the idea of a wormhole through space-time to a popular scale; Einstein himself had supposed that such a possibility could exist in his relativistic model of the universe. Just what are they, how likely is it they exist, and what...
    By slight_underweft March 31, 2009 

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