• Understanding the Big Bang Theory

    For quite some time, man has always been fascinated how the universe came into being. We may not be able to know it in our lifetime but the Big Bang Theory at least provides us a good imaginary start.
    By phoenixwriter September 11, 2009 

  • Black Holes: How They're Formed, Their Singularity Point, and Unique Properties

    Black Holes are among the most exotic objects in the universe. A black hole is a region of space that has so much mass concentrated in it that there is no way for a nearby object, not even light, to escape its gravitational pull. So, are not they exotic?
    By Mushfiq September 10, 2009 

  • The Big Crunch: The Other Side of the Big Bang Theory

    One way or another, we are all familiar with the Big Bang Theory. It's the most accepted cosmological model of the universe to date. But there's another theory called the "Big Crunch" that is essentially the deadly twin sister of the Big...
    By Rebecca Scudder September 9, 2009 

  • Nothing But The Facts - Kip S. Thorne

    Kip S. Thorne is the current Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech. His work has centered on gravitational and astrophysics in theorizing specifics of black holes and wormholes.
    By Brian Jones September 9, 2009 

  • History of Dark Matter and Different Theories to Explain it

    Dark Matter is undetectable matter or particles which affects all stars and galaxies with its unexpected gravitational effects. So we can't touch it, we can't see it, we can only feel its gravity. It's not science fiction. It's reality...
    By Mushfiq September 9, 2009 

  • The Big Bounce: A Variation on the Big Bang

    What was the Big Bang singularity really like? What was there before the Big Bang? New science is proposing incredible answers to these questions about the origin of the universe.
    By Robyn Broyles September 4, 2009 

  • Biocentrism - Matter from Mind

    Biocentrism has made a resurgence in recent years. The theory that human consciousness creates the universe is not new but is gaining steam.
    By Brian Jones September 1, 2009 

  • Helium 3 - Tomorrow's Energy Source within Our Grasp

    Is there a perfect fuel within our grasp? One University of Wisconsin prof. thinks so. And he's already making it!
    By S.L. Bradish August 28, 2009 

  • Imaging a Black Hole

    One of the more frustrating aspects about black holes is that by nature they are "unobservable," sort of. If they swallow anything within their event horizon, including light, how are we to observe them? Especially when they tend to accrete...
    By slight_underweft July 30, 2009 

  • Doppler Shift and Its Role In Astronomy - The Redshift

    Depth perception is an ability that most of us take for granted, but it took some of the best minds and pointed observation of the night sky before we would be able to resolve stellar objects in the third (or fourth!) dimension
    By Sean Fears May 31, 2009 
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