Cosmology – the study of the origin and evolution of the universe and all that it includes. What is a planetary nebula anyway? How do stars form? Do galaxies evolve? Find out here. Get all the cosmology facts you need.

All About Dark Matter: What is This Mysterious Substance?

Dark matter: it sounds like a sinister creation in a science fiction novel, but it’s probably much more real than that. Most scientists believe that dark matter accounts for over 80% of all matter in the universe. Researchers don’t know exactly what is it and where it is, but they have theories.

Giordano Bruno: A Monk Ahead of his Time

Giordano Bruno was a monk on a mission. He believed life existed outside of the Earth, that the sun wasn’t the center of the Universe, and that the Virgin Mary wasn’t a virgin. The Church fried him for such beliefs, and now there’s a crater on the moon with his name on it.

Galaxy Supercluster Walls – Filaments – in Space

Matter in space ranges in size from subatomic particles to galaxy superclusters. In fact, there are larger objects than those—complexes of superclusters called walls or sheets. These structures, as much as one billion light-years across, resemble fine gauze. They are the filaments of space.

Different Parts of a Black Hole

Black holes are a dynamic structure within the confines of the universe. To understand the different parts, one must look at each one and discover its place within the whole. By defining a black hole’s existence, the true nature of the universe can begin to be revealed.

Gravitational Lensing – What it is and How it Works

Gravitational lensing is a phenomenon that is predicted by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. In this article, we will discuss the theory of gravitational lensing, the various types of gravitational lensing and their uses and the various sources of this phenomenon and how they are found.

Planetesimal Theory of Planet Formation

The Planetesimal theory is a theory of planet formation. We will explore what planetesimals are, what the theory states, the various factors that are taken into account, such as turbulence, what binary planetesimals are and the current state of planetesimals

Dark Matter Found? About Sterile Neutrinos

Physicists believe they may have found the culprit that produces the phenomena we ascribe to Dark Matter. It’s not proven yet, but the evidence is growing. The culprit is a fourth type of neutrino. This fourth is called a ‘sterile neutrino’ because it is not affected by the weak force.

CERN Large Hadron Collider Status

In a landmark experiment at CERN with the Large Hadron Collider, scientists have recreated conditions that existed just nanoseconds after the big bang. Using heavy lead ions rather than light hydrogen ions, the results offered some surprises, and put some theories out to pasture.

Facts About Quark Stars

Recently, scientists have hypothesized the existence of a new and fundamentally different type of star. The quark star exists somewhere between the neutron star and the black hole.

How Old is The Universe?

What is the age of the Universe? It is a question which appeals to people from all backgrounds. Both the atheists and believers are trying to find an answer to this question. If you’ve ever wondered just how old the Universe is take a look at this article.