• Nothing but the Facts About the Constellation Libra

    The constellation Libra is a faint collection of stars positioned between Virgo and Scorpius. Named Libra because of its resemblance to scales, its brightest stars come together to form a quadrangle. Libra is also represented as one of the signs of the...
    By Jason C. Chavis July 27, 2011 

  • Supermassive Black Holes and the Creation of Galaxies

    Since 1985, a group of astronomers and astrophysicists, calling themselves the Nuker Group, have been studying galaxies with active galactic nuclei, generally known as quasars. These galaxies all contain supermassive black holes and may have influenced...
    By George Adcock July 25, 2011 

  • One of the Biggest and Brightest Stars: Antares

    It shines with a striking reddish color that flickers in the night and belongs to one of the most impressive and strange-looking constellations in the sky. This fascinating massive supergiant is the focus of this article. Read on to learn more about...
    By Aggeliki K. July 24, 2011 

  • Mysteries of Active Galaxies and Their Types

    In the Universe there are galaxies whose central core—their nuclei—are exploding. Not in a destructive blast, but in a continuous stream of various kinds of radiation sent into space over millions of years. Some is visible, some in other parts...
    By George Adcock July 23, 2011 

  • Why We See Baily's Beads in a Total Eclipse

    The phenomena of Baily's Beads are part of the breathtaking beauty and mystery of a total solar eclipse. Here's why they happen.
    By Arlene McKanic July 17, 2011 

  • Nothing But The Facts About Asteroid Near Misses

    On November 6, 2009, a dark 7 meter wide asteroid was located just 15 hours from a near collision with Earth. A quick estimate of its trajectory showed it would pass within 14,000 kilometers but not impact our planet. It was a close call, but not the...
    By George Adcock July 16, 2011 

  • Nothing But the Facts About Galileo Galilei

    Galileo is one of the most famous astronomers and scientists in history. His work developed much of the modern concepts by which research is conducted today. Of all his achievements, his conflict with the Catholic Church over the nature of the solar system...
    By Jason C. Chavis July 12, 2011 

  • Information About the Horsehead Nebula

    The Horsehead Nebula, also known as Barnard 33, is one of a group of beautiful nebulae in the belt of the constellation Orion. Here's some information about its discovery, and how it's unusual shape is not quite what it seems!
    By Arlene McKanic July 10, 2011 

  • Did Dark Matter Create the Galaxies?

    Astronomers have found 12 new satellite galaxies surrounding the Milky Way. That is a major finding, but more importantly, these small galaxies are unique. They primarily consist of dark matter. And, that changes our concept of how galaxies were created...
    By George Adcock July 10, 2011 

  • A Huge Bubble in Space? Learning About Its Nature and Origin

    If we point our telescopes toward the constellation of Cassiopeia, we will be able to locate one of the most impressive nebulae in the night sky. Its strange form made the researchers want to learn more about its mysterious nature.
    By Aggeliki K. July 7, 2011 
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