Medical Research

  • Animal Experimentation: Uses of Animals in Research

    Third in a series on animal experimentation, this article looks at some of the ways in which animals are used in medical research.
    By Emma Lloyd November 23, 2008 

  • A History of How Scientists Used Animal Testing to Make Medical Advances

    The medical science field relies on animal research for the development of new treatments and medical technologies. Learn about the history of animal testing and how it has helped scientists make advances in the medical field.
    By Emma Lloyd November 23, 2008 

  • Animal Experimentation: Regulations for the Use of Animals in Research

    This article, sixth in a series on the use of animals in science, looks at some of the regulations in place which protect experimental animals from unnecessary suffering.
    By Emma Lloyd November 23, 2008 

  • Artificially Sustaining Life -- Right or Wrong?

    This article examines the life-sustaining techniques that doctors use to keep ill patients alive past the point of normal survival -- culminating in a discussion about the ethics of using these techniques to keep the terminally ill alive.
    By Daniel Barros September 30, 2008 

  • Artificially Sustaining Life - Social and Personal Costs

    This article examines the societal and familial costs of maintaining a patient on life-support. Read the previous "Artificially Sustaining Life" article for more information on keeping patients on life-support.
    By Daniel Barros September 30, 2008 

  • Ethics Of Science And Technology

    There is revolution in science and technology, which leads to an interest about scientific progress not always being ethically tolerable. As the leading international agency for ethics in science and technology, UNESCO investigates current and emerging...
    By DJHall August 20, 2008 

  • Biophysics Experiments Used in Research

    Biophysics experiment have been and continue to be providing new insight into research and studies in different branches of science.
    By Finn Orfano July 29, 2008 

  • Biomedical Technology - Some interesting facts

    Biomedical Technology is the combination of three words which converge to form Biomedical Technology. These words are Bio(logy), Medical and Technology.
    By Finn Orfano June 13, 2008 

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