Medical Research & Experimentation

Medical research involves the field of biomedicine, and medical experimentation. These scientists use various methods such as animal experimentation, human experimentation, clinical trials and other methods to discover life-saving new medications, surgical techniques and more. Find out all about it here!

Searching for a Cure for Paralysis

According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation about six million Americans have some form of paralysis. Currently there is no cure but the problem is being attacked from several research avenues with some producing encouraging results.

Maggots in Wounds: Insights into Larval Therapy

Treating wounds using the larvae of flies, also known as maggots, may seem horrifying to some, but it has been considered as a good alternative to antibiotics and some surgical procedures for centuries. Learn more about the benefits and the safety of larval therapy in healing wounds.

Test Your Medical Terminology

You’ve laughed at Becker, and been captivated by ER and House. In short you know your way round a TV hospital and waiting room. But how much do you know about the medical terminology that is bandied about? Find out by taking this entertaining and informative quiz.