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  • Surviving the Hottest Summer on Record

    When winter comes, all we can think about is how nice it will feel when the weather is warm again. However, there is a major difference between warm weather and intense heat. In this article, we explain how to determine the difference and how you can...
    By Maggie Romuld July 27, 2015 

  • Innovating Aging: Why We Need to Invest in Our Older Population

    We can improve the health and well-being of aging individuals. Here are some thoughts on how to do this.
    By Kevin Xu April 20, 2015 

  • Foodborne Illness: Common Sources of Listeria and Other Bacteria

    Reports of food recalls for bacterial contamination are becoming more and more common. The news seemingly reports a new recall every few months. Where do these bacteria come from? How did the bacteria get into our food? How can we protect ourselves...
    By Kim Ledingham February 23, 2014 

  • Does Wintertime Make You SAD?

    Ever have one of those days? It’s the middle of the winter. The sky is overcast with a blanket of grey clouds. Sun? What is that? You get out of bed, dragging, and it’s not even Monday.
    By Kim Ledingham February 23, 2014 

  • Is it Possible to be Overweight and Healthy?

    Whether you are considered overweight or obese is determined by your BMI. This tool is not always completely accurate, but generally speaking, even individuals who may be considered overweight can still be healthy. Those considered obese, however, may...
    By Kim Ledingham January 20, 2014 

  • A Brief History of Trans Fats

    Trans fat in our food has an interesting history, which was widely unknown until the recent attention their negative health effects have received. The FDA has even gone so far as to consider a ban on trans fats in processed foods. How bad are they really?
    By Kim Ledingham January 2, 2014 

  • The Mental Health Epidemic: How Many Go Without Treatment?

    The connection between the mind and the body is indisputable. Both employers and employees note that mental health issues spill over into daily life and work performance. Mental health conditions are one of the top causes for absenteeism in the workplace...
    By Kim Ledingham November 17, 2013 

  • The State of the Aids Epidemic Today

    It will come as good news to many that UNAids predicts an end to the Aids epidemic by 2030. There is still a long way to go, however.
    By Kevin Davis October 10, 2013 

  • Check your Spice Cupboard for Salmonella

    Would you like a side of salmonella with that sprinkle of pepper? The USDA recently released reports that high levels of salmonella have been found in imported spices. Learn the details here and what you as the consumer can do about it.
    By Lindsay Williams October 4, 2013 

  • Why Does the FDA Want to Ban E-Cigarettes?

    E-Cigarettes have been touted as a way enjoy smoking without the risk of the many adverse side-effects of regular cigarettes. But how healthy are they really? And why does the FDA want to ban online sales?
    By Lindsay Williams September 10, 2013 
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