Careers in Medical Science

A career in medical science can be a challenging and personally rewarding pursuit. Technicians and medical assistants are vital to the medical industry, working directly with patients and behind the scenes, to deliver critical services to hospitals and doctor offices throughout the world. Explore the job descriptions, duties and training requirements for this fulfilling positions and decided if a career in medical science is right for you.

The History of Medicine

Whenever you are sick or have any other form of ailment, you simply pop in to your physician and take some medicine. But have you ever thought of how our ancestors managed it? What are the origins of medicine?

What is required of a successful dry lab scientist?

Obviously, good grades in school and college are necessary, and it helps if you are from a biology background or a math or a computer school background. In fact, more emphasis is laid on a math or a computer school background, along with an incessantly questioning mind.