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What are the Side Effects of Guaifenesin DM?

written by: Kathy Foust•edited by: Emma Lloyd•updated: 8/31/2009

Read here to learn about the side effects of guaifenesin DM before taking this medication. It's important to learn what to expect from a medication before actually ingesting it. Use the information here to prepare you for taking this medication.

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    Guaifenesin DM is a medication that is prescribed to ease the symptoms associated with upper respiratory infections that are associated with excessive mucus and coughing. The guaifenesin is an expectorant, which means it is used to breakdown the mucus so that it can be removed from the system. The DM in this medication stand for dextromethorphan, which is a cough suppressant used to treat coughs. The side effects of guaifenesin DM are listed below.

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    Side Effects

    It is not possible to know every side effect associated with medications. Every person responds differently to different medications. Be sure that before you take this medication you talk with your doctor about any allergies you have as well as any types of medications you may already be taking. Your doctor needs to keep informed in order to avoid any adverse reactions that you may experience due to the mixing of medication or allergies.

    If you experience any of the side effects here, especially for a prolonged period of time, be sure to consult your physician immediately.

    This medication may take a few days for your body to get used to. During the time, the presence of the listed side effects as well as any that are not mentioned here are likely to occur within the first few days. This is normal, but you should reveal this information to your doctor so that he or she is aware of how you are responding to the medication.

    The side effects of guaifenesin DM are listed and described below.

    One of the most common side effects reported when taking this medication is dizziness. For this reason, you should not operate heavy machinery or sharp objects while taking this medication. It is also common to experience nausea, vomiting and headaches. The presence of these side effects should fade as your body becomes used to the medication. There are also reports of vivid and bizarre dreams when taking this medication. Again, this is not an all-inclusive list and you should immediately report and changes to your doctor.

    There is a possibility of an allergic reaction when taking this medication. Some of the symptoms of an allergic reaction would include hives, difficulty breathing, swollen throat and/or mouth area and rashes on the skin. If you experience any of the symptoms of an allergic reaction you should contact your doctor or emergency medical team immediately to avoid causing any serious health problems to yourself.