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The use of science and technology in medicine is a rapidly evolving field that addresses complex medical issues by integrating the latest advancements in technology in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics, with engineering and medicine to solve challenges in human health. The Medical Science Technology channel on offers up-to-date articles, news and information written by experts, students and technology writers in this field. Some of medicine’s most fascinating accomplishments can be traced to professionals working within this emerging scientific industry.Managing Editor Leigh A. Zaykoski and a team of talented technical writers take an in-depth look at how science and technology impacts medicine today and the many fields of research this has created.You can find information on understanding lab tests and their role in diagnosis, Biomedical Technology and other new and exciting points of research in the Medical Science Technology field.Join the community of Medical science and technology students and professionals. Ask questions, share information, suggest new topics to be added, and offer feedback on existing technology articles. Discuss the latest news, debate the latest discoveries, visit often, participate and make the Medical Science technology channel your resource of choice for current information on the use of science and technology in health and medicine.

Learn About Some of the Types of Medical Imaging Technology

Medical imaging is a rapidly expanding field. It started with X-rays, and the next modality, ultrasonography, took sixty years to appear. Since then, three-dimensional imaging of anatomical structures was made possible with CT and MRI scans. The most recent breakthroughs in medical imaging technology, such as fMRI, PET, and SPECT scanning, create images of body function rather than anatomy. Imaging is one of the fastest-growing areas of medical technology.

What is required of a successful dry lab scientist?

Obviously, good grades in school and college are necessary, and it helps if you are from a biology background or a math or a computer school background. In fact, more emphasis is laid on a math or a computer school background, along with an incessantly questioning mind.