Molecular Biology

Join us at the Genetics channel for informative articles on molecular biology, study of functions and systems of cells as well as the interactions of DNA, RNA and protein biosynthesis. Confused? You won’t be after reading these articles breaking down complex subjects into manageable information whether you’re a student, teacher or researcher.

Human Mouth Bacteria: Searching for New Bacteria Found in Mouth

Keeping your lips, tongue, teeth and gums company inside your mouth are millions of bacterial cells from about 600 different strains. Most are harmless, but they are not all known to science. Periodically, scientists embark on voyages of discovery to uncover new strains of human mouth bacteria.

Exploring the Lytic Cycle – A Mode of Viral Reproduction

Since viruses do not have a cellular structure, they cannot replicate through the process of cell division. But we know that populations of viruses grow. How do they do this? Through either the lytic cycle or the lysogenic cycle, or sometimes both. This article will explore the lytic cycle.