Inherited Traits & Mutations

  • Gene Mutations that can Lead to Cancer Information for Patients

    Do you know the possible gene mutations that cause cancer? If not, read on to learn more about them.
    By R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen October 31, 2010 

  • Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex: What Is It And What Is Known About The Gene Mutations That Are Responsible For Causing It?

    Epidermolysis bullosa simplex is a rare inherited disease in which the skin readily blisters in response to minor injury or friction. Read all about epidermolysis bullosa simplex and the known epidermolysis bullosa simplex mutations here.
    By bjlbyron October 11, 2010 

  • Ribonuclease-1 Gene Mutations in Humans

    The ribonuclease-1 gene is involved in many important processes in our bodies. This article describes this interesting gene, what it does in the human body, and the ribonuclease-1 gene mutations and the genetic studies that have helped biologists characterize...
    By bjlbyron September 16, 2010 

  • The Significance of a Point Mutation in Chromosome 1

    Learn the significance of a point mutation in Chromosome 1. What are the consequences of a point mutation? How can it cause cancer? What diseases are associated with it?
    By Blaise Wellesley September 2, 2010 

  • The Effects of Elastase 2 Gene Mutation - Congenital Neutropenia and Leukemia

    The elastase 2 (ELA2) gene codes for the enzyme neutrophil elastase which is secreted by white blood cells called neutrophils. The enzyme is essential for effective anti bacterial immune responses. Therefore, elastase 2 gene mutation can result...
    By niknak August 17, 2010 

  • Structural Changes of Chromosomes

    Are you interested in learning more about chromosome structure changes? If so, read on to learn about what they are and what they mean.
    By R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen August 17, 2010 

  • Spontaneous & Induced Mutations: What Are They and How Do They Occur?

    Mutations are often detrimental, but at the same time they're also a fundamental aspect of evolution. But what are the causes of gene and chromosome mutations? There are naturally occurring, or spontaneous, mutations and induced mutations.
    By Finn Orfano August 1, 2010 

  • ALK Gene Mutation and Cancer Treatment

    The ALK gene codes for a protein which, when mutated, has the potential to cause certain types of cancer. The discovery of the gene means the possible development of new treatments for these cancers. This article discusses the link between ALK gene mutation...
    By Emma Lloyd July 30, 2010 

  • Understanding Polygenic Traits

    Are you seeking information on polygenic traits? If so, read on to learn what they are and what the characteristics are.
    By R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen July 30, 2010 

  • The PT Gene Mutation in Humans

    Prothrombin gene mutation, or PT gene mutation, is one cause of a condition called thrombophilia. People with this condition are at increased risk of blood clots and venous thromboses.
    By Emma Lloyd July 30, 2010 
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