Inherited Traits, Mutations, DNA & Genes

Ever wonder where you got your blue eyes or red hair? What DNA traits dictate freckles or dimples? Read all about your inherited traits, DNA and genes as well as fascinating articles on mutations and mutated chromosomes.

How Sex is Determined by Genetics

The human organism contains threadlike, gene-bearing chromosomes, twenty three pairs of them. These chromosomes contain the complete heredity, including characteristics such as the color of the eyes, the hair and skin. One specific pair of chromosomes determines the sex or gender of the individual.

Types of Human Chromosomal Disorders

Chromosomal disorders are caused by an absence, excess or abnormal arrangement of 1 or more chromosomes. The defects are there from birth; while some are harmless many cause severe disorders. This article is a brief look at some of the conditions caused by changes in their structure.

Is Cheating Genetic?

Does cheating have a genetic basis? Is it possible that if you have a specific variant of a gene (a monogamy gene) you may be more prone to cheating and be less faithful in your relationships? A new study has some startling answers.

Common Genetic Birth Defects

It is a sad fact of life that every year millions of children are born with birth defects that are caused solely or partially by genetic defects. This article looks at where they occur in the world and what can be done about them.

The Genetics of Evolution

Evolution is easy to see when you look back over the earth’s history. But evolution is not full of large, significant events: instead it is an enormous collection of tiny genetic changes which occurred over thousands of millions of years.